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Georgia is so breathtakingly beautiful with its many rolling hills,exquisitely covered  by lush forests of many and varied tree species. Driving on Georgia highways, you will find numerous "Scenic View" Lookouts for travelers to stretch their legs and feast their eyes on the absolute majesty of foothill mountains and colorful trees. Every season here vies to outdo the previous season in visual coloring of trees, shrubbery, foothills of mountains in gorgeous purple hues, and so very much more. Famous rivers written about in classic literature, glassy lakes of pristine beauty, sunrises and sunsets that cause one's heart to swell and feel overwhelmed by the sight! All year long, all of Georgia, and particularly areas including Acworth, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Atlanta are known for their southern charm, warmth, and loveliness. Many homes in these areas are well-maintained and cherished by the owners. This same nurturing patina is apparent in neighborhood Landscapes as well.
Tree Service Acworth
is grateful to have had a part in maintaining the health and beauty of Acworth and surrounding areas' trees, shrubbery, and Landscaping. However, one aspect of living in this wonderful coastal state, is the fact that we live in a coastal state. Along with the plethora of activities and recreation coastal living makes available,  the other side of the coin is extremes in weather we frequently endure as a result of strong storms coming in off coastal waters. Hurricane season brings additional weather concerns yearly. Intense thunderstorms have wreaked havoc on homes, businesses,  and property during these critical weather episodes.
We have all seen and experienced dangerous weather in our area. Much damage and destruction of homes, businesses, and property occurs during these type of strong, sustained,storms often packing winds over 60mph through our neighborhoods. Of course, personal and family safety at these times is the priority concern. After the storm, when everyone's safety is ascertained, the toll taken on our properties can be gauged.
Weather related tree Emergencies are by far the most common of threats to our trees. However, occasionally damage is inflicted on our trees through human misuse or accidents. Inexperienced tree crews have been known to leaves customers with trees that are far worse off than before their "help" arrived. There are diverse causes of Tree Related Emergencies, but the most important fact for you to know is have Tree Service Acworth 's phone number in your contacts. We are the Arborists and Certified Tree Care teams you want on your property to restore, repair, and, if necessary, remove trees irreparably injured. We will be there promptly when you need us, anytime of the day or night. The very nature of Emergencies usually dictate the timing will be the worst possible for you. Timing is not an issue on our end-one call and we are on the way. Seriously damaged trees, diseased or dying trees may suddenly lose large limbs, resulting in injury or damage to family members, neighbors, or anyone unfortunate enough to be there "when the boughs break"
The most practical and sensible course is to use that "ounce of prevention" by removing threatening limbs or entire trees if needed, in a timely manner, before any collateral damage occurs. Scheduling a Tree Trimming" consultation with our Arborist will quite possibly save cherished, mature trees by eliminating unnecessary, non-structural limbs and branches. The freer branches are during sustained, heavy winds, the more chance they have to survive as winds just blow through branches, not constantly pummel into them. Cabling limbs of mature trees also improves dramatically your trees outlook for living during intense weather conditions.mentioned,
Naturally everyone is concerned with the cost and time needed for removal of storm-damaged, diseased, or otherwise threatening trees from your property. This is one area in which we will save you money our Free Quote. Without charge , your property will be expertly assessed by one of our Arborists. Many varying factors determine your cost for removal, or other Emergency functions, including:

  • What is the condition of your trees?
  • Can the tree(s) be climbed?
  • How many trees are affected?
  • What is the size of the trees needing work or removing?
  • Will tree removal teams need any heavy equipment?, if so, which?, cranes, bobcats, bucket truck, etc.
  • What is the proximity to other, undamaged items as other trees, outbuildings, sheds, pools?
  • Any other unforeseen situations, such as worker safety risks

After his meticulous exam, the Estimator will arrive at the amount of time needed and costs involved. These will all be pointed out and approved of by you before anything begins, of course. We are confident you will find our prices quite affordable, and in line with today's concern for family budgets, as all of our clients have. We also don't throw in unpleasant surprises later. Your Arborist will explain levels of care available, and you choose which you desire. One for instance might be firewood. Some customers like wood cut up and used for fireplaces and cookouts-a feature you may or may not desire. Another example is stump grinding. Some customers want this process done after their tree is gone, others do not.Any questions you have will be answered to your complete understanding. Our easy-to understand contract seals your approval and allows us to get busy restoring safety and serenity to your Home and Landscape!  

Tree Service Acworth
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Diseased trees, storm or otherwise damaged trees, use of heavy equipment or not, these factors an Arborist has to weigh decisions about. Tree Removal is the most difficult and dangerous function in the entire spectrum of Tree Care Services. Lives, injuries, property irrevocably ruined. Tree Service Acworth has seen it all many times by well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers. Please use a licensed, expert company for this task!  Tree Service Acworth!

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