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Landscaping Arborist

A magnificent focal point-it's a great idea to choose trees in the fall so you know how colorful they will be.
Pretty trees and bushes but nothing really draws it all together. A  medium-sized pond and a rustic bench or comfy swing would make this space very inviting!
Tree Service Acworth performs high-quality, skilled care and treatment. removal of trees and shrubs where necessary or desired, but did you know you can also turn to us for your Landscaping needs and projects you have in mind? Residential and Commercial sites. If you are doing first- time Landscaping , adding features to existing Landscape, or just want a "smartening up" of your current Landscape, you will find our Arborists and their teams of immense benefit in assisting you with your undertaking. They  have encyclopedic comprehension of every tree, shrub, plant, and flower. This involves knowing What type and species is suited to your property. Where to plant your selections is crucial knowledge they have as well. When the planting is done also plays a role in the success of your Landscape. Fall is an excellent time to start a landscape project. The more intense summer heat has passed and your trees and other plants have time to "settle in" their new home and establish strong root systems.
Landscaping often involves removal of existing trees and shrubbery for various reasons, some of which are:

  • The tree or shrub is dead or dying
  •  has been taken over by insects
  • is in the way of your planning ideas
  • may be a species you don't care for
  • may be in the way of planned construction, etc.

When you call us to schedule your Free Assessment & Quote, your Estimator will listen carefully to your ideas, scrutinize your existing property for information about the condition plants and trees are in, and answer all questions you have. Tree Service Acworth Arborists will take all the guesswork out of your projects and actually save you time and money. This is done by  by steering you clear of unsuitable, unhealthy plants for your particular soil and available space. We often are called in to do Landscaping "overhauls" when certain trees and shrubs just didn't make it, almost always due to insufficient knowledge of what causes the plants or trees to thrive.
These items can get expensive in a hurry if you have to keep replacing them. Our Arborists will give you his sound, accurate knowledge of where the most optimum trees and shrubbery are attained.  He will know what species are well-suited  for your particular soil, property layout, and budget. Tree Service Acworth has a wealth of highly useful facts and functions of all Georgia's varieties of beautiful trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. Our Arborist will respect your wishes and add reliable advice from his vast experience gleaned in not only Acworth homes and businesses, but throughout much of our beautiful state during the 30+ years since our inception.
Helping you plan the perfect "haven" for you, your family and friends to enjoy for a lifetime is an aspect of their work that our Arborists truly enjoy, from the initial contact with you, to the last bag of mulched spread out, they are in their element.
Your surroundings inside your home are precious to you, and the grounds we help you create will be a neighborhood standout and precious also. Well cared-for properties and homes tend to have  less crime, welcome you home with beauty and grace each day, and studies have proven harmful stress levels are lowered by the serenity and calmness of a well-thought-out outdoor environment.
Our Arborists know where the nurseries are which have the healthiest trees, plants, and the best selection and varieties, not to mention the most reasonable prices. We only conduct business with companies for our necessary supplies, the plants, trees, and other materials, that have the same excellence in work ethics  that we have. You can be confident that what is planted in your yard is thriving and healthy.
Tree Service Acworth  Arborist Landscape professionals will make the dreams you have for your property into an even better reality!

  • Our Services Include, but are in No Way Limited to:

  • Assisting you in creating your landscaping plans
  • Acquiring your necessary supplies
  • Clearing out debris and/or invasive vines or other "nuisance" plants (i.e. poison ivy)
  • Removal of unwanted, unhealthy trees, shrubs, & plants
  • Installing sprinkler systems
  • water features, such as fountains and ponds erected
  • selecting optimum locations throughout your property for all your trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants
  • Planting each of your selections with the utmost care-ensuring their start is an excellent one!
  • Transplanting any existing trees, shrubs, or plants to more suitable areas if needed
  • Creating rock formations, which add interest and beauty-and need no watering!
  • Installing ornamental bridges or walkways if desired
  • Basically, if you can dream it up-we can carry it out-with expertise and flair -allowing your ideas to really dazzle!
  • Scheduling required maintenance

Using some favorite pieces you already have can provide whimsical backdrops for your new trees and shrubs.
Glossy, healthy trees, shrubbery, available in smaller sizes so you can watch it grow, or larger specimens for instant impact!
Selecting items suited to our climate is practical and smart. The lovely purple canna has flame-red flowers which makes a dramatic contrast to the purple leaves and sego palms . These are super fast growers and prolific reproducers-you'll have plenty to share!
Scheffleras are an old-fashioned favorite with many customers. They are quite hardy-this particular one is 20 years old!

Ajuga grass raised here is a wonderful ground covering-it is fast-  
growing and produces 6-8 inch stems with violet-colored small flowers

Tree Service Acworth looks forward to being Your choice for  Arborist  work and Landscaping . We have countless references from repeat clients who have recommended us to friends and neighbors. That loyalty is a cause of pride to our company. Our goal is to be your go-to company for all of your outdoor surrounding need and ideas. Call Today to schedule your Free Consultation. Let's get your oasis started! Thank You!

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