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Lot & Land Clearing


Do you have need of  first-rate Arborist and Certified Tree Care teams for property you have plans for? Lot and Land Clearing has been the means by which countless customers over the years have gotten to know and appreciate Acworth Tree Service' efficiency, great prices, and quality work they have been so pleased with that they have recommended us to many friends and neighbors. This commendation has earned us a superior reputation and we strive to surpass even that on each and every job we undertake.
Commercial or Residential, when you have purchased property, Acworth Tree Service offers reliable work done to your specifications. We also offer Free Quotes on this feature of Tree Service. Lot and Land Clearing encompasses a sizable number of services-some you will need-others others maybe not. Many customers like to have some wood cut to use as firewood and for cooking-all such details will be discussed with you and all questions answered to your complete satisfaction. Our renovation expert will scrutinize trees, shrubbery, woody plants, whatever may be there already and give you dependable information on the condition of these existing items. Your Estimator will give you accurate, detailed suggestions on the services your land requires most. He will listen carefully to your plans for the land and assist you to custom-plan your land rejuvenation process. As with other services, we don't get in the dirt until you are happy and satisfied with all facets of your Lot/Land Clearing Project.
If your property is thick with entangled growth, as pictured below, our crews work swiftly and accurately to remove unwanted, diseased, insect-infested trees and shrubs. Any nuisance greenery, such as poison oak and poison ivy, different types of bamboo, and others will be eliminated. If you desire something off your land, we can get it hauled away-regardless of size or condition.

Acworth Tree Service goes the extra mile in clearing your land. We take care not to cause any damage to your existing landscaping, or even the soil. Tools used in lot and land clearing cover a wide variety: chainsaws, bobcats, stump grinders, and other machinery for the difficult to remove objects, such as large rocks, trees, and whatever manner of debris is there.
Our crews have extensive hands-on knowledge and quickly size up the best methods to use for your work to be finished on time and in your budget! We have cleared land in each and every condition imaginable. Let us tangle with that vine or bamboo that seemingly has 9 lives! These and other awkward and burdensome foliage items need to get out of the ground and off your property quickly and permanently. We ensure that it is.
We have customers who "inherited" items on land they have purchased. Piles of old mildewy tires, dilapidated hazardous buildings, rusted-out machinery-you get the picture. We will get those items removed as well!
Acworth Tree Service is waiting to get you moving on your venture and are pleased you are taking this time to acquaint yourself with our services. Your confidence and trust are precious to us and we don't take that lightly. Once you have given us the initial privilege of clearing your valuable Lot or Land, we feel confident you will turn to our company again and again-as countless numbers of our customers have. We hope to be there for your Landscaping plans, tree and shrubbery maintenance, and any other T.L.C. your land may need over time. This process of word-of-mouth has caused our company to thrive over the years like a well-cared-for, flourishing Tree. We are excited to bring our wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, plus our dedication and passion for the wonderful world of trees and plants to You as our newest satisfied customer!

Once your Lot/Land Clearing is complete, Acworth Tree Service will be there to assist you in creating your dream Landscape-one beautiful, healthy, strong tree at at time!

  • Dirt Graded
  • Low-Hanging Branches Removed
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Dead Trees Removed
  • Soil Leveling
  • All Unwanted Items Hauled Away
  • 30+ Years Expertise
  • Affordable Prices
  • Stump Grinding
  • Invasive Growth Removed
  • Free Quotes


Our dedicated, zealous Arborists and team members work with accuracy and precision as they "eradicate the old" and usher in the new!

Acworth Tree Service Lot & Land Clearing have been proud to provide our property clearing services to many folks who do a lot of farming-Residential families who enjoy growing many of their own vegetables in Georgia's mostly ideal climate. Stump and root removals, aerating the soil, and keeping invasive plants out for good are difficult, stubborn, and exhausting activities unless you do it every day as we do.  Acworth Tree Service is happy to take the initial backbreaking preparation out of your hands-particularly if your area for planting is fairly large. Looking at the area is quite a bit different than getting in there and encountering roots that seem to go on forever!
Hiking and Biking trails are another area which need scheduled clearing out. These trails should remain natural, safe, and clear of dense thicket or other types of pervasive foliage or dangerous roots growing above ground. Some serious injuries occur from people tripping and falling over untended trails which are meant to be pleasurable and educational-not painful for hikers. Biking trails need to be kept clear and safe as well for the biking enthusiasts. Call Acworth Tree Service for these and many more services pertaining to new land, lots, or overhauling existing property. When you are ready to begin building a home, some other structure, planting fruit and veggies, whatever dream you are putting into action, we are eager to get the initial clearing ready so your new project gets off on the best possible footing!

Pictured first is a partially-cleared lot. There are great variations in lot and land clearing depending on what the land will be used for. Naturally, for farming purposes, everything must go, including the massive root systems underground. Some root systems can be two or three times the height of the tree! For optimum growing conditions, those roots need to go. Otherwise, they become a real impediment to vegetables and fruits you may be growing. Roots can easily become entangled and choke the desirable plant to death, or at the very least, seriously hinder its growth.

Right-of-way and utility issues occasionally require some clearing out of certain trees, or tall shrubbery for Commercial property owners. Acworth Tree Service schedules appointments 24/7 for your convenience. We know there are often time constraints on this sort of work, so we work extra swiftly to get your work done ahead of time to avoid any fines or other unpleasantness for our Commercial clients. All employees of Acworth Tree Service have one mind-set for our customers: we will not quit until you are totally satisfied and we have met and preferably exceeded your expectations.
Acworth Tree Service is waiting to get you moving on your venture and are pleased you are taking this time to acquaint yourself with our services. Your confidence and trust are precious to us and we don't take that lightly. Call Today to schedule your Free Quote with one of our helpful Customer Service staff. Calls are  answered 24/7 for your convenience.

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