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Tree Disease Control

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Did you know that just one tree can absorb 50lbs. of carbon dioxide a year? That same one tree may produce up to 250-260lbs. of oxygen! Everyone knows trees are important to the environment, but realizing just how vital they are is a sobering thought. Trees in our urban and suburban areas are out of their natural habitat. In the forest, trees are provided with all the nutrients they require from all the decomposing matter on the forest ground. This is where their "cycle of life" is at its purest. When trees are moved into our neighborhoods and cities, they become quite dependent on us in several crucial areas., which they often do not get. One particular instance is where they are planted. Trees planted too close to other trees or to structures, such as your home, are going to have problems. When their roots have nowhere to spread out and reach for vital nutrients and water, the tree naturally will begin to weaken. A weak tree is very susceptible to disease and insect infestation.
Also, trees have to compete for available nutrients and moisture with large, thirsty lawns and many other trees and plants. Items we take for granted in our yards can take a toll on our trees, and vice versa. When tree roots meet your foundation of your home, some very costly repairs result. Sidewalks, driveways, streets, etc. all are serious impediments to a tree. Unless we take very good care of our trees, getting them in the best location, ensuring proper nutrients are available, and there is sufficient room for growth, our trees will not thrive. Therefore, by having a company you can trust to care for your Landscape features, we do our family, neighborhood, and our planet a good turn when we respect and have our trees and other foliage taken good care of.

Pecan Scab

Anthracnose and root rot are increasingly common diseases. Picture 1 is the effect of this fungus on our treasured Dogwood leaves. These half-dead unsightly leaves often do not even fall off during winter months. They just hang on infecting ever more areas of our dogwoods.
Root rot on picture 2 is usually identified by mushroom-like growth near the tree base. These presence of this on Oaks and other favorite shade trees may not mean the tree will die-but it does indicate decay is present and action should be taken promptly!
Would you be able to name these tree threats and know best how to treat them?  If you answered "no"-you're like most people. What's required is a person who has dedicated his time, talents, skills, his entire career, to knowing one of these blights from the other and what to do to heal, repair, replace, and protect our beautiful Acworth trees! Arborists with Acworth Tree Service have exactly what your trees are dying for!

Fungus on Magnolia Leaves

Our state is certainly fortunate to have such an abundance of gorgeous, life-sustaining trees. On the flip side, the many different species of trees, native to our area and otherwise, have enemies. They are threatened by more types of diseases and insects than there are species of trees! Caring properly and knowledgeably for our trees is essential to protect our investment. The value of your home is significantly increased when you have healthy trees in your Landscaping. However, trees that are in poor shape, sickly, and overran with pests will decrease our property value. Our home is the most expensive investment most of us make. We do all that is necessary to keep our home and all of its components running smoothly and in good repair. Acworth Tree Service guarantees our trees and other foliage should be kept healthy and in good repair as well. As with items in the home that occasionally need replaced, some of our trees may need to go for the well being of other trees.
If you believe your trees are having problems here are some identifying signs of a sickly tree:

Mushroom fungus growing at the base of your tree

Sawdust chip piles at base or root area.

Cracks around the limb or base

Hollow or damage areas in the tree

Infected or discolored leaves, limbs, or branches

Insect damage to leaves and tree trunk

Dead limbs or broken tops

There are other indications of trouble, but these tend to be the most common. Acworth Tree Services' best advice is to have you call us right away and schedule a Free Consultation and Free Quote. When your trees are in trouble, getting help as soon as possible often means the difference between saving your tree and having to remove it. Our Arborists are well-versed in diseases and insects posing problems in our area, throughout Georgia, and much of the south. Fortunately for our customers, we diagnose what is ailing your tree(s) with speed and accuracy. Arborists with our company have dedicated years and countless hours of study to differentiate the various characteristics, appearance, damage potential, and treatment methods used to eradicate disease and insect infestations. You can feel confident your valuable trees are in the most caring hands available when you get Acworth Tree Service on the job!

Above, meet a few of the beetles, bugs, and borers that just Love to feast on our healthy Georgia trees:

Leaf Beetle
Lemon Bug
Peach Hog
Peach Borer
Pine Bark Beetle

These voracious destroyers have countless relatives and friends. Their threat is in the sheer numbers, super-fast reproduction of themselves, and the destruction they cause is swift and death-dealing to our trees. The Pine Bark beetle alone has decimated  thousands of Pine Trees in recent years. Their jaws are formed to munch tirelessly-times the thousands of others on one tree and you have a serious problem! As with any infestation or disease, the sooner help arrives, the better. If you notice anything Anything unusual about your trees, call Acworth Tree Service without hesitation. Your call in a timely manner again, can mean a tree able to be healed, or one in which insects have become fully entrenched, spread to other trees, and quite often damage is beyond control. In this case, Tree Removal is the best action to take. The area then may be rid of the problem, insect or disease, and new trees planted. The "ounce of prevention" is always the most effective medicine however. When you have Acworth Tree Service schedule maintenance as a regular preventive measure, we will quickly catch any trending issue needing dealt with before things get out of hand.

Acworth Tree Service believes wholeheartedly in the old saying "an ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure". Taking the time to select the most beneficial location with proper nutrients in the soil for your new trees will go a long way toward protecting your trees' growth prospects.

Our Arborists and Certified Tree Care teams will use all their skills in your trees behalf, especially if you are planting new trees as part of a freshening-up of your Landscaping. This scenario ensures your tree selections are put in the most beneficial area of your property for full growth prospects. We analyze soil before planting to gain information on nutrients available or lacking in your soil. Prepping the new homesite for your trees, being certain they are free of potential threats and fertilized with the correct formulas. Every species of tree and shrubbery have different needs, so custom-care for your individual trees also gives them a made-to-order environment to thrive in! This is vital because hungry insects, spores, fungi,  borers (as in the prized Dogwood above), Oak Gall (above, left), will attempt to encroach on your trees.
Below, dieback, formidable clumps at the base of Peach and other tree species, and  cankers, bottom right, on one of our breathtaking Dogwoods, are all threats our trees need protection from. Otherwise, our trees end up with ugly growths on them, harmful insects taking over, and wounds from any number of sources inhibiting trees from flourishing, producing inedible, diseased fruit and nuts, and seriously detracting from our homes' aesthetic appeal and value.
To the Residential or Commercial client, these few examples may seem overwhelming. To Acworth Tree Service, these problems are familiar and foes we know all about. There is no tree species in Georgia that we cannot treat, help, care for, trim, prune, enhance, and Remove when necessary.
Join Acworth Tree Service in keeping Acworth, Georgia beautiful and healthy, one tree at a time! Call Today for your initial consultation and Free Quote. Remember, early detection is the key -don't delay-your trees are "counting" on you.

Thank You!

Our treasured shade, fruit, and evergreen trees are some of the prettiest features of our gorgeous state. Keep yours in optimum condition with Acworth Tree Service!

How Our Countryside Deserves to Look!
Tree Service Acworth

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